Akathist to the Theotokos, the Inexhaustible Cup

Kontakion 1

A wonderful and marvellous healing has been given to us by your holy icon, O sovereign Lady Theotokos. By its appearance we have been delivered from spiritual and physical ills, and from sorrowful circumstances. So we bring you our thankful praise, O all-merciful Protectress. O sovereign Lady, whom we call "The Inexhaustible Cup": bend down your ear and mercifully hear our lamentation and tears that we bring to you, and give your healing to those who suffer from drunkenness, so that we may cry out to you with faith:

Rejoice, O Theotokos, the Inexhaustible Cup that quenches our spiritual thirst!

Ikos 1

Angelic powers and multitudes of saints continually glorify you, the Theotokos, Queen of all, the intercessor for us sinful christians wallowing in lawlessness and remaining in sins. It is for our consolation and salvation that you in your mercy gave us your miraculous icon, so that looking upon it, as at the one and only star among a multitude of stars on a starlit night, we may prostrate ourselves, shouting from the very depths of our heart:

Rejoice, dwelling-place of the unapproachable God! Rejoice, our constant wonder! Rejoice, you make our sorrow wipe away our sins! Rejoice, you make our grief heal our ills! Rejoice, through your miraculous icon, you bring us your heavenly mercy! Rejoice, O joy of our grieving heart! Rejoice, our wonderful reconciliation with God!

Rejoice, O Theotokos, the Inexhaustible Cup that quenches our spiritual thirst!

Kontakion 2

On seeing the deep sorrow and grief of people possessed by the destructive vice of drunkenness, and also their true repentance, you have willed, O most holy Lady, to show your mercy to the blessed city of Serpoukhov by the appearance of your miraculous icon "The Inexhaustible Cup", so that all who fall down before it with faith and a contrite heart will receive healing from this grievous illness, and thus may cry to God from the depths of their heart: Alleluia!

Ikos 2

Having understood the meaning of the threefold apparition of St Varlaam, and his order to go to the city of Serpoukhov, the man possessed by the illness of alcoholism did so, and there, in a monastery he found your holy icon called "The Inexhaustible Cup". On seeing such mercy bestowed on us sinners, we cry out to you with veneration:

Rejoice, through pious people you show to us sinners the glory of your marvellous work! Rejoice, sagacious guide, showing us the way of salvation! Rejoice, O good teacher, by your goodness you attract us to yourself! Rejoice, by bestowing on us your great blessings you teach us gratefulness! Rejoice, by making us know hope beyond doubt you give us gladness of heart! Rejoice, you destroy our destructive passions! Rejoice, you help us in our good intentions!

Rejoice, O Theotokos, the Inexhaustible Cup that quenches our spiritual thirst!

Kontakion 3

The power of the Almighty and the grace of the sovereign Mother of God strengthened a man suffering from alcoholism, when in obedience to an order of the Theotokos, given to him by St Varlaam, he set out for the city of Serpoukhov, in spite of his paralysed legs. On his arrival, he found the icon of the most pure Theotokos, and was healed from illness of the soul and that of the body. Therefore, from the very depth of his heart, he gratefully exclaimed to God: Alleluia!

Ikos 3

You are an inexhaustible fountain, a cup of heavenly gifts that ever ever remains full. And the people of the city of Serpoukhov, as well as all orthodox, from every city and village, who come to your most wonderful icon, "The Inexhaustible Cup", are healed. And so with grateful lips they cry out to you:

Rejoice, O vessel of holy water that dissolves our sorrow! Rejoice, O cup by which we receive the joy of our salvation! Rejoice, you attend to our spiritual and physical ills! Rejoice, your prayers tame our passions! Rejoice, you give to each according to his needs! Rejoice, you give generously to all! Rejoice, you have opened for us the treasury of mercy! Rejoice, you show mercy to the fallen one!

Rejoice, O Theotokos, the Inexhaustible Cup that quenches our spiritual thirst!

Kontakion 4

People laden with passions and addictions, doubting of ever finding deliverance, come with repentance to your inexpressible mercy. And on having been healed, from the very depths of their hearts they cry to our Saviour born of you: Alleluia!

Ikos 4

On seeing the sorrow and tears of parents, wives and children whose family member is possessed by the passion of addiction, the Lord gave us your icon, O Theotokos, and all who come to it receive consolation and spiritual joy. And so we cry out to you with tears of gratitude:

Rejoice, O lamb, you gave birth to the Lamb of God! Rejoice, you are the ladle that draws up joy from the source of immortality! Rejoice, you are the alleviation of the grief of sorrowing mothers! Rejoice, you are the hope of the hopeless! Rejoice, you gracefully protect those who come to you! Rejoice, you are the delight and joy of those in grief! Rejoice, your helping hand is there for those who seek it!

Rejoice, O Theotokos, the Inexhaustible Cup that quenches our spiritual thirst!

Kontakion 5

O most gracious Lady, you have shown us your holy icon to be the star that leads to God, so that looking upon it and praying to you, we may say: O Theotokos, give healing to those who are suffering from drunkenness and any other illness of mind and body, and teach us all to praise God, singing: Alleluia!

Ikos 5

O Theotokos, on seeing the marvels and wonders granted to those who humbly venerate you, wonders pouring from your icon that miraculously appeared in Serpoukhov, and also from those that were but copies of it, we cry out to you:

Rejoice, you are a speedy protectress of all who come to you! Rejoice, you hear our prayers! Rejoice, you have blessed the city of Serpoukhov! Rejoice, you have shown the glory of your miracles in the region of Moscow! Rejoice, inexhaustible Treasure for all who are in need of healing! Rejoice, O almighty help to those who strive for sobriety! Rejoice, O almighty help to those who fight against the world, flesh, Satan and addictions! Rejoice, you defend those who lead a good life in this world!

Rejoice, O Theotokos, the Inexhaustible Cup that quenches our spiritual thirst!

Kontakion 6

O Theotokos, we proclaim your wonders that pour forth from your icon, "The Inexhaustible Cup", and with tears we pray to you: Save us all from the passion of drunkenness and from other addictions and sins, and teach us, O Pure One, to abstain from all impurity, and to sing to God: Alleluia!

Ikos 6

In the light of the Divine Glory, you look at your Son, the eternal God and Lord Jesus Christ, standing in the chalice as shown on your icon mysteriously called "The Inexhaustible Cup;" and you give from it deliverance from drunkenness to us who come unto you and bring to you this unceasing praise:

Rejoice, for the angelic powers and the human race! Rejoice because you! Rejoice, for your glory surpasses both human and heavenly praise! Rejoice, you have revealed to us the mystery of the Divine Eucharist by showing the image of your Son in the chalice! Rejoice, you show us the Lamb born of you who is always eaten but never consumed! Rejoice, O cup of life and immortality that leads us to the gates of eternal life! Rejoice, you fill our thirsty souls with the water from the fountain of immortality! Rejoice, you do not withhold your blessing even from the most rejected and despised! Rejoice, by your compassion you pull us away from the pit of perdition!

Rejoice, O Theotokos, the Inexhaustible Cup that quenches our spiritual thirst!

Kontakion 7

A man wanted to thank you, O Theotokos, for healing from alcoholism, so he adorned your miraculous icon that is in Serpoukhov, singing to God from the depths of his heart: Alleluia!

Ikos 7

We see a new miracle from your holy icon, O Theotokos. A servant of God, Stephen, a victim of the disease of alcoholism, was imploring your maternal intercession, and he has been granted a cure. So in gratitude he adorned your icon with rich gifts, and falling before it he called to you with tears:

Rejoice, lifegiving fountain of healing! Rejoice, heavenly cup of divine gifts! Rejoice, river that carries healing! Rejoice, the sea into which sink all our passions! Rejoice, with your tender maternal hands you raise up those who fall under the weight of drunkenness! Rejoice, you do not turn down gifts of gratitude! Rejoice, joy of pious people! Rejoice, you grant us those of our petitions that are good for us!

Rejoice, O Theotokos, the Inexhaustible Cup that quenches our spiritual thirst!

Kontakion 8

It must be strange and incredible to unbelievers to hear that your icon "The Inexhaustible Cup" procures miracles. But to us who believe in your words proclaimed about your first icon, "The Grace of the One who is born of me and my own blessings will always be with this icon", this present icon also exudes your mercy. And so, reverently we venerate it, crying to God: Alleluia!

Ikos 8

People suffering from alcoholism and addictions do put all their hope in you, O sovereign Lady. Bend down to our ills and our passions. For who but you, O Theotokos, shall raise us out of the pit of perdition and of physical and spiritual misery? And thus having bent our knees, we cry out to you:

Rejoice, you do not reject the prayers of those who are sinful! Rejoice, you give your help to those who ask for it! Rejoice, you show the depth of your compassion for the sinner! Rejoice, you give courage to those who have lost all hope! Rejoice, you extend your helping hand to those who suffer from drunkenness! Rejoice, by your gift of grace you console those who suffer patiently! Rejoice, you nurse our physical and emotional ills! Rejoice, you teach us to despise the empty pleasures of this life!

Rejoice, O Theotokos, the Inexhaustible Cup that quenches our spiritual thirst!

Kontakion 9

All the angels are amazed at your mercy, O Lord, for You have given to sinful mankind a strong protectress and helper. She looks down at our weakness, and heals those suffering from the bitter disease of drunkenness, and teaches the faithful to sing: Alleluia!

Ikos 9

The most exalted human mind cannot praise enough the appearance of your glorious icon, O sovereign Lady. Nor can we sinners bring from our sinful lips a glorification worthy of our Protectress. On having seen innumerable miracles coming from your icon, we rejoice in our heart and spirit, and proclaim:

Rejoice, from your holy face miracles pour forth! Rejoice, you speedily deliver us from grief and sorrow! Rejoice, you put to shame those who deny you! Rejoice, you protect from every evil those who come to you! Rejoice, by your gentle radiance you disperse the darkness of our passions and our sins! Rejoice, you fill our hearts with love for your Son and for yourself! Rejoice, you show us the path of repentance! Rejoice, you are our mediator before the righteous judge!

Rejoice, O Theotokos, the Inexhaustible Cup that quenches our spiritual thirst!

Kontakion 10

Wishing to save all those who suffer from the diseases of alcoholism and other addictions, you have given us your wonderful icon, O Theotokos, so that all who suffer may come to your miraculous image; and having been healed, may tenderly cry out to God: Alleluia!

Ikos 10

You are the wall and the shield, O Lady Theotokos, for those who suffer from drunkenness, and also for all those who come to you fervently and who piously venerate your holy icon; for the Lord God gave it to us to help us, and to heal us from this destructive addiction. And thus He inspires us to sing to you:

Rejoice, you alleviate our sufferings and give hope to those who despair! Rejoice, you are the healing of our ills! Rejoice, with your purity you wipe away our corruption! Rejoice, by your holiness you illumine our darkness! Rejoice, by your cloak of compassion you clothe our mortal body! Rejoice, by your strength you fortify our prayers! Rejoice, you strengthen us in our weakness! Rejoice, you disperse the dark clouds of passions that surround us!

Rejoice, O Theotokos, the Inexhaustible Cup that quenches our spiritual thirst!

Kontakion 11

O pure one, do not despise our humble singing that we bring to you from fullness of love and zeal; and do not turn away your face from those who suffer from drunkenness and despair, but do help us, so that we also may be cleansed from every impurity and may rightly and justly sing to God: Alleluia!

Ikos 11

O most holy Lady! On your icon you are seen like a burning candle in rays of grace, surrounded by the assembly of saints and holy martyrs. And as you indicate to us the path of righteousness, we call to you and say:

Rejoice, by the intercession of St. Domnica you save us from this world of trouble! Rejoice, by her pleading you help us to overcome passions of the flesh! Rejoice, by the prayers of the holy martyr Varlaam, you fill our hearts with pious thoughts! Rejoice, by his pleading you illumine our conscience! Rejoice, by the prayers of the holy martyr Paraskeva you deliver those who suffer from drunkenness! Rejoice, by her intercession you call us to repentance and watchfulness! Rejoice, together with the holy martyr Antipas you mellow the bitter heart! Rejoice, with him you save those who call on your name!

Rejoice, O Theotokos, the Inexhaustible Cup that quenches our spiritual thirst!

Kontakion 12

The grace that shines through your icon "The Inexhaustible Cup" calls to it all those who suffer, all the unfortunate, widows and orphans, and especially those who are ill with the disease of alcoholism. And no one goes away empty-handed from your inexhaustible cup, O merciful one, but all are filled with divine gifts; so that having received healing and help, they may sing to you: Alleluia!

Ikos 12

Praising your wondrous work and great mercy that you show to those who suffer from addictions, we beg you, O compassionate one - save, have mercy on us, show us the right path, and do not reject us who seek your protection and call out to you:

Rejoice, you sustain us on the way to soberness! Rejoice, by the dew of your mercy you deliver us from the passion of alcohol! Rejoice, by your mercy you heal us from addictions! Rejoice, you are a speedy help to those who suffer from all kinds of dependence! Rejoice, you support those who are even-tempered! Rejoice, you humble the prideful! Rejoice, you exalt the humble and wish salvation to all!

Rejoice, O Theotokos, the Inexhaustible Cup that quenches our spiritual thirst!

Kontakion 13

O all-merciful Mother of our Lord and God, Jesus Christ, hear our prayer, and deliver us from all ills, physical and emotional, and especially your servants who suffer from this disease, so that they may not perish, but might be saved and thus would sing to God: Alleluia!

First Prayer

O our merciful and holy Lady Theotokos, hope and refuge of the orphan, defense of the stranger, help of those in need, and protection of those who are bitter: You see our misfortune, you see our sorrow. From all sides we are assailed by temptations, and there is no one to protect us. You, yourself, help us, for we are weak. Feed us, for we are strangers. Show us the way, for we are lost. Heal us, for we hurt. Save us, for there is no hope for us. We have no other recourse, neither protection nor consolation, but you, O Mother of all who suffer and are burdened. Look down on us sinners, who are harsh and bitter, and protect us by your holy omophor, that we may be delivered from all evil that assails us, and especially from drunkenness, so that we may always glorify your all-holy name. Amen.

Second Prayer

O all-merciful sovereign Lady, we come to your protection. Do not despise our petitions, but kindly hear us - wives, children, husbands, parents, and all those who suffer from heavy affliction of addictions of all sorts; and restore those who, because of it, fall away from our holy Mother the Church and its salvation. O merciful Theotokos, touch their heart and speedily restore them from their fallen state, and lead them to salutary repentance. Implore your Son, Christ our God, to forgive us our trespasses, and not to turn away His mercies from His people, but that He would strengthen us in sobriety and chastity. Accept, O all-holy Theotokos, the petitions of mothers shedding tears about their children, wives sobbing for their husbands, children, orphans, beggars, and all those who were forsaken, and us all who venerate your icon. And let your prayers carry our petitions to the throne of the Almighty. Cover us, and keep us from all snares of the enemy, and the traps of the evil one, and at the dreadful hour of our death, help us to pass the ordeal without stumbling. By your prayers, save us from eternal condemnation, so that God's mercy may cover us for the ages to come. Amen.

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