Akathist to the Saint Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow and of All Russia, the Wonderworker

Kontakion 1

To thee, the steadfast champion of the Holy Orthodox Faith, do we, thy spiritual children, offer hymns of praise and thanksgiving, mindful of the many benefactions which thou hast bestowed upon us. As thou hast great boldness before the dread throne of the Most High, pray thou earnestly in behalf of all who truly honor thy holy memory and cry out to thee with love:

Rejoice, O humble Tikhon, steadfast confessor of the Faith and fervent intercessor for our souls!

Ikos 1

Called by God to His holy priesthood from thy mother’s womb, for all the faithful thou wast an example in word, conduct, love, spirit, faith and purity, for thou didst fight well the good fight, didst finish the difficult course of thy life, and didst keep the Faith, in nowise failing to hold fast to thy vows. Wherefore, full of gratitude for thy love and sacrifice, we say:

Rejoice, thou who didst preach the word of God with fervor; rejoice, thou who wast watchful in all things! Rejoice, thou who didst make full proof of thy ministry; rejoice, thou who as an evangelist didst proclaim the glad tidings of salvation! Rejoice, thou who didst reprove those who rejected the truth of the Christian Faith; rejoice, thou who didst rebuke those who embraced the modern fables of materialism and progress! Rejoice, thou who, when the time of thy departure was at hand, didst make provision for the Church; rejoice, thou who hast therefore received from God a twofold crown for thy righteousness and confession! Rejoice, for the Lord stood with thee and strengthened thee in the hour of thy tribulation; rejoice, for He delivered thee as from the mouth of a lion and gave thee rest! Rejoice, for as thou didst live in godly manner in Christ Jesus, thou didst suffer persecution; rejoice, for thou didst prevail until the end and hast obtained thy reward!

Rejoice, O humble Tikhon, steadfast confessor of the Faith and fervent intercessor for our souls!

Kontakion 2

Having received the royal name Basil in the holy waters of baptism, from thine infancy thou wast raised in piety and love for the Holy Church of Christ, Who called thee to follow thy father in His priestly ministry; and from childhood thou didst come to know the Holy Scriptures, which made thee wise unto salvation through faith in our merciful Savior, to Whom we all cry: Alleluia!

Ikos 2

In thy youth thou didst with fervor apply thyself to the study of the law of God and the dogmas of the Holy Orthodox Faith at the seminary in Pskov, O favorite of Christ; and so thoroughly didst thou absorb the moral teachings of the holy fathers, that thy companions came to call thee "the patriarch", showing themselves to be unwitting prophets. Wherefore, marvelling at the guidance of the providence of God which was manifest throughout thy life, we say:

Rejoice, thou whose heart was devoid of guile; rejoice, thou whose gentleness touched the hearts of all! Rejoice, thou to whom the Lord granted the gift of intelligence, that thou mightest understand His will; rejoice, thou who in humility didst receive the monastic habit! Rejoice, thou who didst drink thy fill of the inexhaustible spring of the dogmas of the Church; rejoice, thou who wast the embodiment of Christian teachings! Rejoice, thou who didst enlighten Pskov with the effulgence of piety; rejoice, thou who didst shine forth the light of the Holy Faith in the city of Kholm! Rejoice, for the city of Kazan’ rejoiced in thy teaching; rejoice, for by thy mild demeanor thou didst inspire heretics to return to the Orthodox fold! Rejoice, for thy life was a beacon of piety casting its light over a gloom-enshrouded sea; rejoice, for thereby thou didst guide many to the calm haven of the One Church of Christ!

Rejoice, O humble Tikhon, steadfast confessor of the Faith and fervent intercessor for our souls!

Kontakion 3

When the Most Holy Synod heard report of thy good works in Kholm, and how the people were instructed by thee in righteousness, they commanded that thou be consecrated to the episcopal rank; and thus thou wast entrusted with the onerous task of tending Christ’s reason-endowed sheep, to which thou didst assiduously devote thine energies until the very hour of thy death, showing thyself to be not a hireling, but a true shepherd of the flock of the all-holy Trinity, to Whom we all cry: Alleluia!

Ikos 3

When rumor spread that thou wast appointed to another episcopal see, thy flock rose up in protest, showing their dismay over the loss of their beloved archpastor; but, submitting in obedience to the ecclesiastical authorities, thou didst undertake the long journey to thy new diocese in faraway America, where for eight years thou didst labor tirelessly in the vineyard of Christ, bringing forth abundant fruit. We therefore cry out to thee thus:

Rejoice, thou who didst increase fourfold the parishes of thy see; rejoice, thou who by thy guilelessness and humility didst restore multitudes to the Faith of their fathers! Rejoice, thou who, in thy love for the saints of God and respect for the pious Tsar, didst erect the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas; rejoice, thou who didst convoke a holy council to further the spread of the Orthodox Faith! Rejoice, thou who didst dedicate a sacred monastery for the establishment of the angelic life; rejoice, thou who didst thus honor the heavenly patron whose name thou hadst received at thine own tonsure! Rejoice, for in thy pastoral care for thy flock thou didst show forth the spirit of power, of love and of a sound mind; rejoice, thou who didst shine forth the brightness of the grace of God in thy spiritual life! Rejoice, thou who wast shown to be an eloquent preacher, an apostle and teacher of the nations; rejoice, thou who didst cherish well the treasure committed to thee by the Holy Spirit! Rejoice, thou who didst transmit to the faithful what thou hadst learned from the holy fathers; rejoice, thou who, having striven lawfully, hast received thy crown!

Rejoice, O humble Tikhon, steadfast confessor of the Faith and fervent intercessor for our souls!

Kontakion 4

When they saw how Almighty God had used thee in America as His instrument for the building up of His Holy Orthodox Church, thy superiors in Russia decided to transfer thee from the New World to the ancient and glorious see of Yaroslavl,’ whither thou didst betake thyself in all obedience; and there thou didst astonish all by thine unfeigned concern for the life of even the lowliest parishes in thy diocese and thy love for all the children of God, to Whom we cry: Alleluia!

Ikos 4

With esteem for the gifts of the Spirit which so manifestly abode within thee, the Most Holy Synod assigned thee as bishop of the see of Vilna of Lithuania, where there were multitudes of Latins and Uniates who rejected the Orthodox Church of Christ; but with thy mild ways and gentle demeanor, thou didst win over their hearts, and many converted to the true Faith. With them we cry out to thee such things as these:

Rejoice, thou who wast steadfast in thine Orthodoxy; rejoice, thou who in godly manner didst edify all in the Faith! Rejoice, thou who with love didst admonish those who had turned aside from the Truth; rejoice, thou who didst know that the law of God is good, when used lawfully! Rejoice, thou who didst oppose that which is contrary to sound doctrine; rejoice, thou who didst advance the spreading of the Gospel of our Lord! Rejoice, thou who didst enlighten those who were in the ignorance of unbelief; rejoice, thou whose love softened their hard hearts and stiff necks! Rejoice, thou who didst offer up supplications and prayers for all men; rejoice, thou who didst intercede for them and give thanks! Rejoice, for thy labors were good and acceptable unto God our Savior; rejoice, for through thee many were saved and came to a knowledge of the Truth!

Rejoice, O humble Tikhon, steadfast confessor of the Faith and fervent intercessor for our souls!

Kontakion 5

When the Latin Empire of Austria-Hungary declared war on the Kingdom of Serbia, and the Russian Empire rose up to defend its Orthodox brethren, the horrors of war beset thy diocese as it was invaded by the enemy; but though thou wast urged to retreat to the safety of Moscow, thou didst bravely resolve to remain with thy flock, succoring those who had lost their homes and were in flight from destruction, encouraging the soldiers at the front, and courageously celebrating the divine services on the battlefield even as bombs burst round about thee. Wherefore, in awe of thy fearlessness, we cry out to the Almighty, Who gave thee strength: Alleluia!

Ikos 5

When the tide of battle turned against the Russian realm because of its sins, and perfidious and traitorous lackeys, faint-hearted and cowardly, prevailed upon the Orthodox Tsar to abdicate his throne, as a merciful archpastor thou didst weep for thy people, who were caught up in the chaos of war, civil strife and famine, and didst beg the Most High not to inflict unbearable tribulations upon them. And we, mindful of thy compassion, cry out to thee:

Rejoice, thou who didst pray at every time and in every place; rejoice thou who didst lift up thy holy hands, without wrath and doubting! Rejoice, thou who didst commemorate the ruler and those in authority; rejoice, thou who didst pray that all might lead a quiet and peaceable life! Rejoice, thou who wast blameless and temperate; rejoice, thou who wast sober-minded and apt to teach! Rejoice, thou who as a good monk didst spurn filthy lucre; rejoice, thou who in thy modesty wast a stranger to covetousness! Rejoice, thou who didst hold the mystery of the Faith in a pure conscience; rejoice, thou who wast repeatedly proved, and found blameless! Rejoice, thou who didst rule well each of thy dioceses; rejoice, thou who didst edify the house of Christ, the Church of the living God!

Rejoice, O humble Tikhon, steadfast confessor of the Faith and fervent intercessor for our souls!

Kontakion 6

Amid the tumult and turmoil of civil unrest, in the presence of the miraculous Vladimir Icon of the all-holy Theotokos thou wast elected by the clergy and people of the glorious city of Moscow to be their bishop. And great was their joy and astonishment when they found thee to be a solicitous archpastor, who gladly visited the homes of even the humblest of his flock; and they gave thanks for thee unto Christ our God, chanting: Alleluia!

Ikos 6

As the dark clouds of ungodly revolution massed over the land, the hierarchs of the Church of Russia and representatives of the clergy and the faithful assembled in the Kremlin of Moscow to deliberate and ensure the well-being of the Holy Orthodox Church; and they chose thee, O holy Tikhon, to preside over their sessions, which thou didst do with great intelligence and patience. Wherefore, we all exclaim:

Rejoice, thou who didst labor and suffer reproach for thy trust in the living God; rejoice, thou who didst not neglect the gift which was prophetically given thee! Rejoice, thou who, taking heed to thyself and to Orthodox doctrine, didst save thyself and those who listened to thee; rejoice, thou who didst take care of widows and orphans! Rejoice, thou who didst not prefer one before another, showing partiality to none; rejoice, for thy good works were manifest before all! Rejoice, thou who wast content to have food and raiment; rejoice, thou who didst not suppose that gain is godliness! Rejoice, thou who, hating riches, wast not entangled in their snares; rejoice, thou who didst not fall into the manifold pernicious lusts which drag men down to destruction! Rejoice, thou who followed after righteousness, piety, faith, patience and meekness; rejoice, thou who laid hold on eternal life, unto which thou wast called!

Rejoice, O humble Tikhon, steadfast confessor of the Faith and fervent intercessor for our souls!

Kontakion 7

With the abdication and imprisonment of the devout Tsar, and the fall of Orthodox government, the hierarchs of the Church and the leaders of the faithful considered how best to preserve the age-old piety of Russia; then, resolving to restore the ancient Patriarchate of Moscow, they elected thee to that exalted office. And, accepting the will of God when thy ballot was chosen before the wonder-working Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God, thou didst not refuse to shoulder this heavy burden, but didst cry unto the Almighty: Alleluia!

Ikos 7

When thou wast a young man, thou didst assume that the hierarchal rank entailed dignity, power, strength and honor; but in time thou didst come to realize that it signified instead toil, struggle and sacrifice. And when thou didst accept election as Patriarch, thou didst compare thy new duty to the scroll of which the holy Prophet Ezekiel spake, whereon were writ the words "Weeping, sighing and sorrow; lamentation, mourning and woe". Moreover, in the words of Moses thou didst say unto the Lord: "Wherefore hast Thou afflicted Thy servant? Wherefore have I not found favor in Thy sight, that Thou layest the burden of all this people upon me?" Yet, undaunted by the impending horrors thou didst envision, thou didst not refuse this duty; for which cause we cry unto thee:

Rejoice, thou to whom the staff of Saint Peter of Moscow was entrusted; rejoice, thou upon whose head the klóbuk of Patriarch Nikon was set! Rejoice, for even the blasphemous soldiers cast themselves at thy feet; rejoice, for they would not move until thou hadst blessed them repeatedly! Rejoice, fearless mediator for thy people, who wast not daunted by the weaponry of the enemy; rejoice, thou who, placing thy trust in God, didst lead a procession around the embattled Kremlin, praying for the carnage to cease! Rejoice, thou who didst bind thyself with an oath to preserve the Orthodox Faith; rejoice, thou who with the other members of the Great Council didst set down rules to govern the life of the Holy Church! Rejoice, thou who with devotion to all the saints of the Russian land didst establish a special feast in their honor; rejoice, thou who didst set aright injustices committed of old! Rejoice, thou who didst inscribe in the lists of the saints the holy hierarch Sophronius and hieromartyr Joseph; rejoice, thou who didst protest a treaty devoid of honor!

Rejoice, O humble Tikhon, steadfast confessor of the Faith and fervent intercessor for our souls!

Kontakion 8

When the godless seized power in Russia, they fell upon the Holy Orthodox Church like jackals upon an innocent lamb, and strove to rend it limb from limb: they unjustly confiscated the lands and funds which were its support, dispossessed it of all its schools and seminaries, ordered that thenceforth the clergy receive no payment for their labors, and strictly forbade the teaching of the Holy Faith; for they wished to create a nation where the people would no longer chant unto God: Alleluia!

Ikos 8

O holy hierarch Tikhon, thou didst clearly perceive the evil purposes of the enemies of God, and in thy heartfelt concern for their salvation didst commit them, and those who supported them, to dread anathema and excommunication, for attempting to bring about the ruination of the Holy Church of Christ. But thou didst urge the faithful to endure martyrdom for our merciful Savior and the Holy Orthodox Faith; and many who hearkened to thy zealous exhortations were later led like sheep to the slaughter, and have been translated to the choirs of heaven, where, having joined their company, thou hearest us cry unto thee:

Rejoice, thou who didst condemn the desecration of the temples of God; rejoice, thou who didst protest the confiscation of the holy churches! Rejoice, thou who didst lament the estrangement of Kiev and Little Russia; rejoice, thou who didst decry the senseless murders wantonly committed by the godless mob! Rejoice, thou who wast stricken with anguish by the assassination of the pious Tsar and his innocent family and servants; rejoice, thou who didst proclaim that those who did not condemn this sin of regicide would bear the guilt of innocent blood! Rejoice, thou who didst fearlessly celebrate a memorial for the royal victims; rejoice, thou who didst adjure the Russian people to acknowledge their sins! Rejoice, for with spiritual sight thou didst perceive the famine as a sign of God’s wrath; rejoice, for many, heeding thy valiant words, found the strength to endure martyrdom! Rejoice, for thou didst bless them for their final struggle against evil in high places; rejoice, for the blade of the demonized woman who sought thy death did not slay thee!

Rejoice, O humble Tikhon, steadfast confessor of the Faith and fervent intercessor for our souls!

Kontakion 9

O the depths of depravity to which the ungodly sank in those troubled times! For, having cast off all moral restraints, the minions of the evil one falsely arrested the clergy and monastics, and summarily executed them as enemies of the people, or sentenced them to hard labor as slaves; and they delighted in slaughtering multitudes of the faithful during church processions. But thou, groaning at the loss of thy brethren, didst rebuke the wicked murderers, crying out: "The blood of our brethren, shed like rivers and spilled by you, crieth out to heaven". where they stand with the saints and angels, chanting: Alleluia!

Ikos 9

When drought and famine struck the land of Russia, so that the harvest failed and death stalked the land, thou didst appeal to all the faithful to help their starving brethren; and, hearkening unto thee, they gave generously of their substance. But the evil oppressors of the people, fearing the power of the grace inherent in holy charity and almsgiving, seized for themselves the funds which had been collected, and suppressed the organization formed for the distribution thereof, preferring that the starving perish of hunger rather than owe their lives to the Christian Church. Then also did the godless regime demand all the treasures of the Church, wherewith the pious had adorned it over the centuries; but thou didst resist their blasphemous edict, urging the flock not to surrender unto the ungodly that which is holy. Wherefore, we cry unto thee such things as these:

Rejoice, good husbandman of the vineyard of Christ; rejoice, thou who didst prune the vine of the Church, that it might put forth goodly fruit! Rejoice, thou who didst bravely defend the patrimony of the faithful; rejoice, thou who with valor didst denounce those who committed sacrilege! Rejoice, for thou didst not bury in the ground the talant entrusted to thee; rejoice, for thou didst wisely increase it for thy heavenly Master! Rejoice, for Christ the Lord was well pleased with thee; rejoice, for with gladness thou didst enter into His joy! Rejoice, thou who didst take care that the starving be fed; rejoice, for by thine efforts was aid given them in abundance! Rejoice, for the enemies of Christ said all manner of evil against thee falsely for His sake; rejoice, for in like manner were the prophets of God persecuted before thee!

Rejoice, O humble Tikhon, steadfast confessor of the Faith and fervent intercessor for our souls!

Kontakion 10

Though the onslaught of the godless enemies of Christ dealt His Church a bitter blow, yet more bitter by far was the betrayal of thee and Holy Orthodoxy by false brethren who strove to refashion it in their own fallen image, perfidiously casting aside the canons of the holy œcumenical councils and the age-old traditions of the Universal Church. For though they called themselves "the Living Church", yet didst thou rightly declare them to be devoid of the life-giving grace of the Holy Trinity, since they had basely usurped the legitimate authority within the Church; and as treacherous and traitorous betrayers they have no right to chant unto God: Alleluia!

Ikos 10

The prince of evil, the ancient enemy of the salvation of man, inspired his henchmen to divide the Church of Russia, thus making it easier to crush it utterly; and supporting the invidious "Living Church", the atheist regime persecuted the true Church of Christ, striving to force all the hierarchs and the clergy to abandon thee, the true archpastor of the reason-endowed flock of the Lord. And to achieve their vile aim, they falsely arrested thee, O holy patriarch, and cast thee into prison. Wherefore, we cry out to thee:

Rejoice, thou who didst unmask the wolves who came to thee in sheeps’ clothing; rejoice, thou who like Paul didst suffer perils because of false brethren! Rejoice, thou who didst know them by their fruits; rejoice, thou who didst warn them that, lacking any good fruit, they would be hewn down, and cast into everlasting fire! Rejoice, thou who didst assure them that not everyone who saith "Lord, Lord!" shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; rejoice, thou who didst declare that the Lord would say unto them "Depart from Me, ye who work iniquity"! Rejoice, thou who didst adjure them not to try to build their house on shifting sands, lest its fall be great; rejoice, thou who didst admonish them to cleave unto the house of God, which is founded upon the rock of the true Faith! Rejoice, thou who, when thou wast arrested, didst not wonder what thou wouldst say; rejoice, for in that same hour eloquence was given thee, for thee to answer the tyrants! Rejoice, for it was not thou who spakest, but the Holy Spirit within thee; rejoice, for thy tormenters could not shake thee in thy steadfast confession!

Rejoice, O humble Tikhon, steadfast confessor of the Faith and fervent intercessor for our souls!

Kontakion 11

Even as all the foes of the Holy Faith arrayed themselves against thee and beset thee on every side, to smite and destroy thee, they found willing allies in their blasphemous wiles in the person of the deluded Patriarch of Constantinople and those of like mind with him, who, infected with the disease of masonry and ecumenism, declared his support of the "Living Church" and confirmed the deposition it had falsely imposed upon thee. Yet, full of valor and steadfast faith, thou didst not yield to despair, but didst cry out to God: Alleluia!

Ikos 11

The faithful of the Church did not waver in their allegiance to thee, the rightful primate of the Church of Russia, and when influence from abroad was brought to bear upon the regime, so that thou wast released from captivity, the "Living Church" withered away like a barren fig-tree. Still, the godless did not cease to persecute thee, dispaching a vile tormenter to wear down thy strength and health by his constant demands and importunities. Yet, though weak in body, thou didst not allow the Church to fall prey to his evil machinations; wherefore, we cry to thee such things as these:

Rejoice, for though thou didst see brother deliver brother unto death, thou didst not despair; rejoice, for though thou didst witness children rising up against their parents, thou didst resist despondency! Rejoice, thou who wast hated for the name of the Lord; rejoice, for, having endured unto the end, thou wast saved! Rejoice, for thou didst not fear those who kill the body; rejoice, for thou didst know that such men are unable to destroy the soul! Rejoice, for thou didst confess Christ before all men; rejoice, for He hath confessed thee before His Father in heaven! Rejoice, for thou didst ponder the words of Christ, that a man’s foes shall be of his own household; rejoice, for thou didst not think that He had come to send peace on earth, but rather a sword! Rejoice, for thou wast worthy of the Lord, having loved no one more than Him; rejoice, for thou wast worthy of the Lord, having taken up thy cross and followed Him!

Rejoice, O humble Tikhon, steadfast confessor of the Faith and fervent intercessor for our souls!

Kontakion 12

As chaos and turmoil descended upon the Church of Russia, and thy physical powers waned, thou didst foresee the coming of a time when the persecution of the godless would become so intense that they would permit no true and godly hierarch to oversee the flock of Christ; wherefore, taking counsel with thy pious physician, thou didst secretly tonsure him to the monastic habit, and didst ordain him as Maximus, Bishop of Serpukhov, entrusting to him the perilous task of founding a Church in the catacombs, that the true Faith might continue to be preached, and that the flock of Christ, which would call themselves Tikhonites after thy name, might continue fearlessly to chant unto the Most High: Alleluia!

Ikos 12

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints, wherefore thy hallowed repose was also blessed; for, worn out with constant concern and care for thy faithful flock, thy health shattered by the unremitting interrogations of the evil tormenter, thou didst surrender thy pure soul into the hands of thy Master, passing over unhindered to the mansions of heaven, where, greeted by the most holy Theotokos and all the incorporeal powers, thou hast joined the choir of the apostles, martyrs and confessors, for which cause we chant to thee such things as these:

Rejoice, for in thee hath the Lord of hosts been well pleased; rejoice, for the ranks of angels rejoice in thy fearless witness! Rejoice, for the apostles of Christ welcome thee into their choir; rejoice, for the assemblies of the martyrs rejoice at thine arrival in their midst! Rejoice, for all the holy hierarchs marvel at thine undaunted courage; rejoice, for the company of venerable monastics doth stand in awe of thine awesome struggles! Rejoice, for in thee are all the saints of Russia exceedingly glad; rejoice, for with thee all the saints of the Orthodox Church praise the indivisible Trinity! Rejoice, for though thy death was lowly, yet through it hast thou attained the heights of heaven; rejoice, for in her miraculous Icon of the Don the all-immaculate Mother of God guarded thy grave! Rejoice, for after many years in the earth thy precious relics were uncovered and found to be untouched by corruption; rejoice, for those who approach them with faith receive through them the healing of their infirmities!

Rejoice, O humble Tikhon, steadfast confessor of the Faith and fervent intercessor for our souls!

Kontakion 13

O most holy hierarch Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, meek and humble servant of our meek and loving Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ! With thy merciful gaze look down upon the suffering Russian land, and regard with pity its downtrodden and oppressed peoples. And even though the trials and tribulations which afflict us are the result of our own sins, our hardness of heart and lack of repentance, intercede before the dread throne of the Most High, that He punish us not for our transgressions and offenses, but that He have mercy upon us who, taught by thee, cry out unto Him in Orthodox manner: Alleluia!

Се́й конда́къ глаго́лется три́жды. Та́же Икосъ 1-й и Конда́къ 1-й

Prayer to the Patriarch Tikhon of Moscow

O good pastor, our fervent intercessor and instructor, holy hierarch Tikhon! Hearken now to the groans and sighs which issue forth from the depths of our hearts, and accept the earnest entreaty we make unto thee; for we know that as a loving father thou abidest ever with us in spirit, watching over us, thy sinful children, and praying to the Lord in our behalf. Wherefore, O favorite of God, as thou hast boldness before the Master Jesus Christ with His all-pure Mother, be thou for us a mediator and advocate, for, now as ever, we stand sorely in need of thine intercession. As thou wast a peer of the apostles, bringing enlightenment to those benighted by heresy and schism, so lead us into the uncreated light of the grace of God, that we may pass from glory to glory, and may find rest with thee and all the saints in the mansions of heaven; and as thou wast a fearless confessor of the truth of the holy Orthodox Faith, so teach us to stand immovable on the rock of faith, unshaken by the surging tides and currents of worldly understandings and temptations; and as thou didst prevail until the end in thine awesome contest against the prince of this world and his evil minions, so do thou aid us, thy sinful and unworthy children, in our daily struggles, that by thy supplications we may escape the malice of the enemy of our salvation and may set at nought the schemes and wiles of those who, having succumbed to his influence, prefer worldly glory, riches and position to humility and all the Christian virtues and a steadfast confession of Christ our true God, Who with the unoriginate Father and His all-holy, good and life-creating Spirit, is worshiped and glorified forever. Amen.

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