Akathist to the Archangel Michael, the Supreme Commander (Taxiarch) of the Heavenly Bodiless Hosts

Kontakion 1

O chosen leader of the heavenly hosts and defender of the human race, we that are delivered by thee from afflictions offer unto thee this hymn of thanksgiving; and as thou dost stand before the throne of the King of Glory, do thou free us from all dangers, that with faith and love we may cry unto thee in praise:

Rejoice, O Michael, great supreme commander, with all the hosts of Heaven!

Ikos 1

With the tongues of angels it is meet that thou be praised as first among the fiery choirs of angels, O Michael; but until we are taught by thee the tongue of the bodiless ones, hearken thou to such things as these from tongues which, though human, are yet thankful:

Rejoice, primordial star of the world! Rejoice, candle of truth and righteousness brightly gleaming! Rejoice, first receiver of the rays of the uncreated light among the choirs of angels! Rejoice, captain of Angels and Archangels! Rejoice, thou in whom the glory of the Maker's right hand shineth most of all! Rejoice, thou by whom the assemblies of all the bodiless creation are adorned!

Rejoice, O Michael, great supreme commander, with all the hosts of Heaven!

Kontakion 2

Perceiving with the eyes of faith the greatness of thy spiritual beauty and the power of thy right hand which beareth lightning, O Archangel of God, we, as earthly ones and wrapped in flesh, are filled with wonder, joy, and thanksgiving to the Creator of all, crying out with all the hosts of heaven: Alleluia!

Ikos 2

A mind pure and free of passions do thou entreat for us, O most wondrous Michael, leader of the heavenly ranks, that having ascended in thought from the earthly to the heavenly, we may sing to thee a hymn of praise thus:

Rejoice, nearest beholder of the ineffable beauty and goodness of God! Rejoice, intimate initiate of the all-good counsels of the Most Holy Trinity! Rejoice, faithful fulfiller of the pre-eternal judgments of the Trinity! Rejoice, thou at whom the heavenly armies are lovingly amazed! Rejoice, thou whom those born of earth glorify with faith! Rejoice, thou before whom the hosts of hades tremble!

Rejoice, O Michael, great supreme commander, with all the hosts of Heaven!

Kontakion 3

Manifesting within thyself the invincible power of zeal for the glory of God, thou didst stand at the head of the choirs of angels against the malice-breathing most-proud morning star. With him and his dark comrades being cast down from on high to the nether regions, the heavenly armies most gloriously led by thee, with gladness, as with one mouth, before the throne of God cried aloud: Alleluia!

Ikos 3

All the Christian race hath thee, O Archangel Michael, as a great protector and a wondrous helper in battle with adversaries; therefore, desiring to be vouchsafed thy most wondrous protection, we cry to thee on the day of thy festival thus:

Rejoice, thou by whom Satan was hurled down like lightning from Heaven! Rejoice, thou by whom the protected human race goeth up to Heaven! Rejoice, most wondrous adornment of the all-radiant world above! Rejoice, most glorious defense of the fallen world below! Rejoice, thou who wast in no wise vanquished by the powers of evil! Rejoice, thou who with all the angels of God hast been established in truth and righteousness forever by the Grace of God!

Rejoice, O Michael, great supreme commander, with all the hosts of Heaven!

Kontakion 4

From the tempest of temptations and dangers do thou deliver us who with love and joy celebrate thy most radiant festival, O foremost of the angels; for thou art a great helper in misfortunes, and at the hour of death a guardian and intercessor against evil spirits for all that cry to thy and our Master and God: Alleluia!


Seeing thy boldness against the legions of Satan, all the ranks of the angels strove with joy to follow thee into battle for the name and glory of their Master, crying aloud: Who is like unto God? And knowing that Satan was cast down beneath thy feet, we cry out to thee as victor:

Rejoice, thou through whom peace and tranquility were established in Heaven! Rejoice, thou by whom the spirits of evil were put down even unto hades! Rejoice, thou who dost direct the angelic armies and the hosts of the invisible world to the destruction of evil! Rejoice, thou who, unseen, dost quell the strife and turmoil of the elements of the visible world! Rejoice, wondrous defender of them that wage warfare against the spirits of evil under the heavens! Rejoice, strong helper of them that weaken amid the temptations and dangers of this age!

Rejoice, O Michael, great supreme commander, with all the hosts of Heaven!

Kontakion 5

A divinely-flowing fountain of most great miracles didst thou reveal thyself to be in thy temple at Chonae, for not only was the great and terrible serpent which abode in that place destroyed by thy power, but also streams of water which heal every bodily ailment were revealed, that all might cry out with faith to the Master of the angels Who doth glorify thee: Alleluia!

Ikos 5

Hearing and knowing thee to be a great beacon shining among the choirs of angels, O most wondrous Michael, to thee, after God and the most holy Mother of God, we flee; illumine with the rays of thy light all of us that cry unto thee:

Rejoice, conductor and guardian of the God-chosen people in the wilderness! Rejoice, great intermediary of the law given on Sinai by the hand of Moses! Rejoice, thou through whom the judges and leaders of Israel found strength and protection! Rejoice, thou through whom the prophets and high priests of the Jews received the gift of knowledge from the omniscient God! Rejoice, thou who providest the God-fearing lawgivers with mystical wisdom! Rejoice, thou who places judgment and righteousness in the hearts of them that do good!

Rejoice, O Michael, great supreme commander, with all the hosts of Heaven!

Kontakion 6

When once Manoah saw thee, the proclaimer of the judgments of God, he was filled with doubt and fear, thinking that he would live no longer on earth; but learning from his wife of the goodness of thine appearance and the meekness of thy words, and that he was to beget, according to thy word, his son Sampson, in joy and thanksgiving he cried to God: Alleluia!

Ikos 6

Thou didst shine forth wondrously with glory, O Michael, when thou didst stand before Joshua, son of Nun, in the form of a man, saying: Loose thy sandal from off thy foot; I am the supreme commander of the hosts of the Lord. Marveling at such an appearance of thine, with love we cry unto thee:

Rejoice, vigilant guardian of divinely-crowned heads! Rejoice, speedy subduer of them that oppose authority as opposers of the command of God! Rejoice, pacifier of disturbance among the people! Rejoice, invisible abolisher of the customs of the impious! Rejoice, for thou dost enlighten them that doubt in the hour of cruel perplexity! Rejoice, for thou dost free the tempted from pernicious slander!

Rejoice, O Michael, great supreme commander, with all the hosts of Heaven!

Kontakion 7

Desiring to show that the lot of the children of men is not haphazard, but is continually held in His right hand, the Master of all gave thee as a helper and guardian to the kingdoms of the earth, that thou mightest prepare the tribes and peoples for the eternal kingdom of God; therefore all, knowing of thy great service to the salvation of mankind, thankfully cry unto God: Alleluia!

Ikos 7

New wonders did the Maker and Master of all show us on earth through thee, O supreme commander, when thou didst wondrously save the temple dedicated to thy name from inundation by the waters of the river, commanding the streams of the torrent to flow into a cavern of the earth: seeing this, the blessed Archippus with his spiritual children thankfully cried aloud to thee:

Rejoice, indestructible rampart of the holy temples of God! Rejoice, invincible barrier to enemies of the Christian Faith! Rejoice, thou through whose command the elements are brought under subjection! Rejoice, thou by whom all evil designs are defeated! Rejoice, thou who bearest joy to the faithful from the throne of the Almighty! Rejoice, thou who leadest unbelievers to the path of truth and righteousness!

Rejoice, O Michael, great supreme commander, with all the hosts of Heaven!

Kontakion 8

A strange miracle of thy power, O supreme commander of God, did Abbachum himself experience when, according to the command of God to transport him, thou didst bear him speedily from Judea to Babylon to give food to Daniel, who was imprisoned in the lions' den; wherefore, marvel ling at the great act of thy power, he cried out with faith: Alleluia!

Ikos 8

Thou art in the highest, O Michael, standing before the throne of the King of Glory, yet not far from those below, battling continually with the enemies of man's salvation. Wherefore, all that desire to reach the longed-for heavenly homeland cry out to thee with one accord:

Rejoice, leader of the thrice-holy hymn of the angels! Rejoice, ever ready mediator and guardian of those born of earth! Rejoice, thou who didst strike down proud Pharaoh and the unbelieving Egyptians in a wondrous manner! Rejoice, thou who didst most gloriously lead the faithful Jews in the wilderness! Rejoice, thou through whom the flame was quenched in the furnace of Babylon!

Rejoice, O Michael, great supreme commander, with all the hosts of Heaven!

Kontakion 9

All the monks of holy Mount Athos in joyful trembling came, beholding how thou didst save the God-fearing youth who had been violently cast into the depths of the sea with stones by ungodly lovers of money; wherefore, the monastery adorned with thy name, having received him, thankfully cried out to the Lord: Alleluia!

Ikos 9

The words of orators and the thoughts of philosophers do not suffice to tell of thy power, O Michael; how in one night thou didst strike down one hundred eighty-five thousand of the warriors of Sennacherib, King of Assyria, that he might learn to blaspheme the name of the Lord no more. And we, honoring thy holy zeal for the glory of the true God, with gladness cry to thee:

Rejoice, unconquerable leader of Orthodox armies! Rejoice, fear and downfall of the forces of error! Rejoice, implanter of right faith and reverence for God! Rejoice, uprooter of dissension and soul-harming heresies! Rejoice, thou who didst often strengthen the pious Maccabees on the field of battle! Rejoice, thou who didst strike down Heliodorus, captain of Antiochus, in the temple itself!

Rejoice, O Michael, great supreme commander, with all the hosts of Heaven!

Kontakion 10

Unto us that desire to be saved be thou a firm helper, O supreme commander of God, delivering and preserving us from dangers and temptations, above all from our evil habits and sins, that progressing in faith, hope, and love, with joy because of thy most wondrous aid, we may cry unto the Master of angels and men: Alleluia!

Ikos 10

A rampart art thou unto men that believe, O supreme commander of God, and a pillar of strength in battle with enemies visible and invisible; therefore, being delivered through thee from the nets of demons, with thankful hearts and lips we cry unto thee:

Rejoice, invincible opponent of the enemies of the faith and adversaries of the Church! Rejoice, tireless helper of the humble proclaimers of the Gospel! Rejoice, thou who enlightenest them that sit in the darkness of false faith with the light of the faith of Christ! Rejoice, thou who guidest into the path of repentance and truth those made foolish by false wisdom! Rejoice, terrible avenger of those that take the name of God in vain! Rejoice, lightning-bearing chastiser of those that foolishly scoff at the mysteries of the holy Faith!

Rejoice, O Michael, great supreme commander, with all the hosts of Heaven!

Kontakion 11

Every song of praise is defeated O supreme commander of God, by the multitude of thy miracles, which are performed by thee not only in Heaven and on earth, but also in the dark shadows of the nether regions, where thou didst bind the serpent of the abyss with the chains of the power of the Lord, that those delivered from his malice might bless the Master of Heaven and earth, crying aloud: Alleluia!

Ikos 11

A light-bearing servant of truth and the purity of divine worship wast thou shown to be, O supreme commander, when, foreseeing the snares of the spirit of darkness, thou didst forbid him in the name of God so that he dare not reveal the hidden body of Moses, departed leader of Israel, to the sensual sons of Israel for idolatrous veneration; therefore, honoring now the right-radiant feast of thy Synaxis, thankfully we cry unto thee:

Rejoice, thou who didst preserve the purity of the knowledge of God among the Jews in the days of the Old Testament! Rejoice, thou who didst uproot the tares of error many times in the days of the New! Rejoice, destroyer of heathen prophets and idols! Rejoice, fortifier of Christian ascetics and passion-bearers! Rejoice, thou who fillest the weak in spirit with the power of the Grace of God! Rejoice, thou who girdest the weak in the flesh with the armor of faith!

Rejoice, O Michael, great supreme commander, with all the hosts of Heaven!

Kontakion 12

Grace from God in Heaven do thou ask for us who sing to the glory of thine all-honorable name, O Michael, that overshadowed by thy protection, we may live in all piety and purity until, loosed by death from the bonds of flesh, we may be vouchsafed to stand before the fiery throne of the King of Glory, and cry aloud with the angelic choirs: Alleluia!

Ikos 12

Hymning thy manifold wonders, accomplished for our salvation O Michael, we pray to the Lord and Master of all that the spirit of zeal for the glory of God that is in thee in no wise be lacking in us who cry out to thee:

Rejoice, thou who dost most wondrously set upon the summit of power the faithful servants of God in a seasonable time! Rejoice, thou who dost invisibly overthrow the arrogant and unworthy from the height of power and glory! Rejoice, thou who shalt gather the chosen from the four comers of the earth on the last day! Rejoice, thou by whom sinners, like tares, according to the voice of God, shall be committed to eternal fire! Rejoice, thou by whom Satan with his angels shall be cast into the lake of fire forever! Rejoice, thou through whom the righteous shall dwell most gloriously in the mansions of the heavenly Father!

Rejoice, O Michael, great supreme commander, with all the hosts of Heaven!

Kontakion 13

O most wonderful leader of Angels and Archangels, for thy most marvelous service in the salvation of mankind accept from us the voice of praise and thanksgiving which we now offer unto thee, and as thou art full of the power of God, shelter us with thine immaterial wings from all enemies visible and invisible, that to the Lord glorified by thee and Who hath glorified thee we may continually cry: Alleluia!

Се́й конда́къ глаго́лется три́жды. Та́же Икосъ 1-й и Конда́къ 1-й

Prayer to the Archangel Michael

O holy and great Archangel of God Michael, first among the angels that stand before the inscrutable and transcendent Trinity, overseer and guardian of the human race, who with thine armies didst crush the head of the most-proud Morning Star in Heaven and dost ever put to shame his evil and cunning on earth, to thee do we flee with faith and to thee we pray with love; be thou an invincible shield and a firm bulwark of the Holy Church and our homeland, protecting them with thy lightning-bearing sword from all enemies, both visible and invisible. Be thou a guardian angel, a most wise counselor and helper of Orthodox Christians, of our country, bringing them from the throne of the King of kings enlightenment and power, joy, peace, and consolation. Be thou the chief captain and companion in arms of our Christ-loving armed forces, crowning them with glory and victory over adversaries, that all who oppose us may know that God and His holy angels are with us. And leave not without thy help and protection, O Archangel of God, also us who glorify thy holy name today; for behold, even though we be great sinners, nevertheless we desire not to perish in our iniquities, but rather to turn to the Lord and be quickened by Him unto good works. Illumine, therefore, our minds with the light of God's countenance, which continually shineth on thy lightning-like forehead, that we may understand what the good and perfect will of God is con-cerning us, and know all that which we ought to do, and that which we ought to despise and abandon. Strengthen through the Grace of the Lord our weak will and feeble state, that, made firm in the law of the Lord, we may henceforth cease to be tossed to and fro by earthly thoughts and the lusts of the flesh, enticed away, like senseless children, by the quickly-perishing beauties of this world, foolishly forgetting the eternal and heavenly for the sake of the corruptible and earthly. Above all these things, do thou ask for us from on high a true spirit of repentance, unfeigned sorrow before God and contrition for our sins, that we may spend the number of days that remain to us of this transitory life not in gratifying our senses and in slavery to our passions, but in wiping out the evil things we have done by tears of faith and heartfelt contrition, by struggles of purity and holy deeds of mercy. And when the hour of our end and liberation from the bonds of this body of clay draweth nigh, O Archangel of God, leave us not defenseless against the spirits of evil in the upper air, who are accustomed to hinder the ascent of man's soul on high, that guarded by thee we may attain without hindrance those most glorious dwelling-places of Paradise, where there is neither sorrow, nor sighing, but life everlasting, and be vouchsafed to behold the most radiant countenance of our all-beneficent Lord and Master, fall down with tears at His feet, in joy and compunction shouting aloud: Glory to Thee, our most dear Redeemer, Who, because of Thy great love for us unworthy ones, hast been pleased to send Thine angels in the service of our salvation! Amen.

Akathist to the Archangel Michael, the Taxiarch of the Heavenly Bodiless Hosts in English
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